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In today's entertainment marketplace, publicity, promotion and advertising are
essential for the implementation of a complete marketing plan.

While enjoying solid contacts in both the domestic and international arenas,
Morris Marketing, Inc.
tailors campaigns for its clients based on their specific
needs within the marketplace.

Press Opportunities
Services provided by Morris Marketing include:

  • Creating press releases, pitches, company bullet points
  • Developing marketing strategies for programming, products and projects
  • Planning and arranging special events
  • Preparing for interviews
  • Screening press requests
  • Organizing press junkets
  • Arranging for seminar and panel representation
  • Organizing one-on-one meetings with key journalists
  • Coordinating trade advertising

Publications/Media Outlets/Relationships
Morris Marketing has worked diligently to cultivate and foster on-going professional relationships with key journalists at both the trade and consumer levelworldwide. We maintain excellent industry relationships within the Hollywood community and the international television arena, as well as with agencies, stations, international broadcasters, and streaming services such as Netflix.

Morris Marketing has attended a multitude of industry conventions and has developed a systematic approach to working with the press to ensure maximum media exposure. We will also provide valuable input and/or manage clients'participation at conferences by utilizing our long-standing relationships with these respective conferences. Conventions attended by Monis Marketing include, but not limited to: NATPE, Realscreen Summit, Kidscreen Summit, Toy Fair, Series Mania, MlP, LA Screenings, MIPCOM, and AFM.

‘Inside’ The Industry
Marketing has access to daily forecasts, research, reports and industry analysts. We supplement our clients' marketing efforts in obtaining the knowledge necessary to assist your company in staying one step ahead of the competition.

lnternational Time Zones
Having been involved for over 30 years in the international arena and with clients across several continents, Monis Marketing is comfortable working within world time zones and is equipped to actively communicate on a24-hour basis with phone service, e-mail and lnternet and to utilize worldwide press wire services.

Time Elements
Morris Marketing, Inc. is well aware of the deadlines, pressures and budgets associated with publicity and marketing. Therefore, the company is committed to providing superior work where the end result is a finely-tuned campaign guaranteed to create heightened awareness, a solid reputation and an overall level of success for your company.


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